You talking about playoffs?

There’s a lot to be said about David Griffin recently with the way the Cavs have been playing since flipping waiters and two very protected 1st round picks for Timofey Mozgov and JR Smith and Iman Shumpert. He clearly is gutsy which is shown by his comments in support of Head Coach David Blatt. It also seems that since LeBron has come back from injury and with the additions of JR and Moz though Shumpert hasn’t played yet, the Cavs defense and effort has greatly improved. It’s also interesting as a possibility that as many fans liked Waiters and the Front Office has always been high on him that maybe we should have gotten rid of him sooner because it would seem that ever since he was moved the chemistry has been trending upwards and the team has been having fun out on the court and showing a lot more effort, especially considering the well documented past for Waiters clashing with teammates and coaches. It also could just be that they have been playing with a sense of urgency since then. Who knows, right? As shown by a quote from Blatt after last night’s win:”I don’t know if that’s exactly how I want to see them play, but it is how I want to see the team enjoying playing. That’s not a common action, nor is it a designed thing. But the game of basketball is a creative, beautiful sport. And when you’re playing with passion and with excitement, that’s great. It’s great for the fans, it’s great for the guys. But that’s not what makes you a winning team, necessarily. But it certainly is a good moment for everybody involved.”

That is very true but the quote of the night goes to LBJ talking about the steal by Kyrie and the ridiculous behind the head dart thrown to Tristan with the play ending in the K Love dunk:”Best play of the night. We turned the ball over, Kyrie was down there on a one-on-three, Kyrie got the tip, J.R. tapped it back to Kyrie [after Thompson handed it off] and Kyrie was stumbling and rumbling and bumbling the Chris Berman way and threw it up to Kev, and that was the best sequence of the night. … I think the fans was craving a moment like that and we play for our fans and they showed their support tonight once again.” There’s a lot to “LOVE” about the way the team has been playing over this recent stretch of games but there’s still a lot of basketball left to be played. And as AC pointed out last night that we were in the top 15 in defensive efficiency after the 8 game winning streak early in the season. 


Moves I would like to see the Tribe Make this Off-season

I would love to see the cavs trade say Asdrubal Cabrera, and say maybe Yan Gomes for Matt Kemp. I would also like to trade for David Price too. Say give up Tyler Naquin, Corey Kluber, and Michael Bourn for Price too. I wouldn’t mind them signing Ervin Santana, or Bartolo Colon, maybe even Johan Santana as well

Cavs trading for Evan Turner?

There’s been much chatter the last few days about the Cavs possibly making a run at a trade for Evan Turner of the Sixers. For many reasons this makes sense. The Cavs have a clear need at the small forward position, and Ohio is home to Evan Turner in the off-season. Plus the Cavs want to maintain flexibility in the upcoming free agent market and Turner’s contract expires at the end of the season but he would be a solid back up option in case LeBron doesn’t come back and the Cavs could match any contract offer he would receive.

Can Steelers Recover?

I think they can with a little more game experience and hopefully Heath Miller and Le’Veon Bell will help when they return. But it is Easy to forget that two years ago, the year we made it to the Super Bowl and lost to the Packers, that we had the same issues early on because of Pouncey being inexperienced and injuries to Willie Colon, Max Starks, and Marvel Smith I believe had a career ending injury. So who knows based on that we could recover plus Velasco looked promising last week, and Profootballfocus had him ranked as the eleventh best center in the league last year. Plus I think once Wheaton and Miller get involved it will give Sanders and especially Brown more room to operate and make plays in the passing game. As far as the defense goes I think Jarvis Jones is already arguably our third best defender (behind Woodley and Timmons) I also think Cam Heyward needs to finally be given a chance to start especially after the way he played against the Bengals. I think it is showing a bit maybe that we could use another cornerback as well with Ike Taylor getting old and we’ve seen issues when Cortez Allen has been out as well